* don't forget we do guilt-free, sugar free- and low fat cupcakes...email us to enquire *

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Simply Vanilla
  Our wonderfully sweet and moist vanilla cupcake that never goes out of style.   ..
Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Cupcakes
  A moist Vanilla bean sponge topped with a cinnamon sugar buttercream.  £2.50 per cake We also do gluten-free vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.   ..
Chocolate Love
    Mouth watering, chocolate flavored cupcake oozing with chocolate chips in every bite.   ..
Skinny-Mini Chocolate
  This low-fat chocolate buttercream and  moist and luscious fat free chocolate cupcake is all the flavor with out the guilt! We also offer low fat red velvet and vanilla cupcakes and large cakes.    ..
Peanut Butter & Jelly
  A moist vanilla sponge topped with a creamy peanut butter buttercream with an oozing strawberry jam center. ..
Gift Hampers of Assorted Sweets
Hampers include: **cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, large cookies, mini-pies(apple and cherry), chocolate covered pretzels, candy coated apples, and a layer cake in a jar** THE CHRISTMAS HAMPER:   The beautiful wicker hamper basket is filled to the top wit..
Apple Pie Ala Mode
A best seller, this apple spice cupcake is topped with a vanilla bean and cinnamon buttercream  while the inside is filled with a mouthwatering apple pie and caramel filling. Best served with a nice scoop of ice cream ala mode style!   ..
Cupcake Tree
  This is perfect for weddings, catered events, birthdays and more! Any design, theme and color. Each cupcake is £2.50. When you order 48 cupcakes or more the individual cupcakes are discounted at £2.00 each.  Cupcake tree not included.   ..
Blueberry Pancake
  Our moist vanilla sponge is baked with fresh blueberries inside and topped with a maple buttercream icing that is topped off with sprinkled with cinnamon. DELISH!   ..
Themed Cupcakes
  We do most designs, and themes for cupcakes. Please enquire. Starting at £3.00 each.   ..
Pina Colada
  If you like pina colada's and getting caught in the rain.. then you will love this cupcake. The pineapple coconut cake base is topped with a chunky pineapple buttercream. The cupcake is then rolled in coconut flakes and topped off with a mini umbrella, cherry garnish and mini..
Raspberry Kiss
This sweet and tangy cupcake made from fresh raspberries, has a raspberry cupcake base, a luscious raspberry buttercream and an oozing raspberry centre. ..
Rocky Road
  Chocolate chunk, marshmallow and almond filled chocolate cupcakes are topped with a dallop of chocolate buttercream and a heaping topping of mini marshmallows, chocolate morsels and raisins. This is then finished off with a chocolate and caramel cage of drizzle.   ..
Randi's Candy Cake Pop's
In honor of one of our bestest friends Randi, breast cancer awareness month and our late grandmother Ruth...Randi's Candy Cake Pop's were created! These are not your average cake pops! These are our mini cupcakes placed on sticks, filled with an oozing truffle candy center and topped of..
Lemon Drizzle
  This delicious lemon cupcake is just so refreshing. A lemon sponge topped off with a luscious lemon buttercream is the perfect summer treat!   ..
Cupcake Bouquet
 Instead of boring flowers, why not give a sweet treat with the same beautiful effect! An edible flower and cupcake bouquet! Just because! ..
24 Carrot Gold
  This recipe is simply golden. Our divine carrot cake base is filled with raisins, cinnamon and spice. It is then topped off with a cream cheese buttercream and sprinkled with cinnamon. ..
Snowman Cake
This loveable snowman cake is made of our vanilla bean sponge with a oozing layer of fresh raspberry jam inside! Decorated to suit the season, it's a perfect gift or holiday treat!    ..
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
  Any flavor cupcake you desire. The cupcake is baked inside an actual ice cream cone and topped off with a swirl of buttercream, sprinkles and a cherry to imitate an actual ice cream cone! This crowd pleaser is ideal for kids parties and events!   £3 each. Minimum order ..
Pumpkin Cupcakes
These mouth-watering halloween cupcakes are packed with gorgeous pumpkin and beautiful spices. Topped off with a cinnamon buttercream, these go perfect with a hot cup of cocoa! ..
Red Velvet
  Our most popular cupcake. This classic red velvet cupcake is topped off with a luscious cream cheese frosting. ..
Vegan Marble Strawberry Shortcake
This oh-so chocolatey and vanilla marble cake base has a layer of vegan frosting spread across the center which is then layered with fresh strawberries. It is also topped off with the same combination.   We do vegan versions of almost all of our cupcakes. Email for enquiries. ..
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