Gift Hampers of Assorted Sweets

Gift Hampers of Assorted Sweets


Hampers include: **cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, large cookies, mini-pies(apple and cherry), chocolate covered pretzels, candy coated apples, and a layer cake in a jar**



The beautiful wicker hamper basket is filled to the top with yummy christmas themed goodies! It also has christmas themed lining, is packed with red stuffing, which is then packaged and sealed with clear cellophane and finished with a beautiful festive christmas ribbon. All hampers come with a personalized gift tag.

In the hamper you will get 2 christmas themed cupcakes (vanilla/chocolate), 2 large cookies (1  large chocolate chip cookies and 1 large peanut butter cookie half way dipped in chocolate), 1 jar-cakes(see below for description), 2 cutiepies(one cherry mini pie/one apple mini pie), 6 chocolate covered strawberries(drizzled in red and green chocolate), 4 chocolated/candy coated pretzel rods and one large candy covered apple!! This hamper can be sent as a gift anywhere in central London for a 14 pound delivery charge. It can also be collected for free of charge.  **

All non christmas hampers can be personalized for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, hen parties, holidays, bridal showers etc with names, colors and ANY theme you like! 

Minimum order £89. For larger basket and quantities please enquire by email. 

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